A Journey of Education and Engagement

Empowering West Hawaiʻi's Reef Stewards

Join us in shaping a future where every member of West Hawaiʻi's diverse community, from residents to tourists, plays a stronger role in understanding, protecting, and restoring our precious coral reefs through innovative education and hands-on experiences.

community workshop
ʻĀkoʻakoʻa education on the shoreline
Local Workforce Development

Developing Coral Reef Stewards

Our vision for a sustainable West Hawaiʻi is built upon an interconnected network of reef stewards. This vision relies on comprehensive ridge to reef education informed by cultural heritage and the latest scientific understanding.

Integral to this effort is training a workforce of local reef technicians who can support the budding reef restoration industry on Hawaiʻi Island.

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Inclusive Education

Reaching Kamaʻaina and Malihini Alike

West Hawaiʻi sees an extremely diverse section of humanity on its shores and on its mountainside. Therefore, a holistic approach to reaching Hawaiʻi’s residents and tourists is needed to see the results that we want to see.

honaunau aerial
Multi-modal Education

Diverse Approaches for Diverse Communities

Embracing a Variety of Strategies to Educate and Empower the Distinct Communities of West Hawaiʻi in Reef Stewardship.

Woman team member of Akoakoa smiles at two individuals visiting educational booth.

Community Outreach

Fostering a network of informed reef stewards through dynamic community outreach events in West Hawaiʻi

Woman presents coral resilience topics to students in classroom, discussing Akoakoa coral restoration approaches.

School-based Curriculum

Enriching young minds with school-based curricula that blend cultural heritage and scientific insights for reef conservation

cultural advisors at 3rc

Immersive Experiences

Offering hands-on coral restoration experiences at our Ridge to Reef Restoration Center (3RC)

visitors at honaunau

Visitor Engagement

Engaging island visitors with educational activities that highlight the significance and challenges of West Hawaiʻi's coral reefs