Our Circle

Coordinated Governmental Support

Our government support programs include engagement and training for government representatives from County, State, and Federal agencies, data provisioning for decision makers, and community-government liaison support, all developed upon a foundation of Hawaiian cultural practices.

Governor Ige with the Milolii community

Communicating Needs Across Jurisdictions

Hawaiʻi Island hosts a complicated landscape of overlapping government agencies from County, State and Federal levels and from many different sectors. No single body is wholly responsible for managing all of the land-based challenges that affect our coral reefs downstream, nor the management and interventions on its coastlines and in its waters. Working hand-in-hand with each of these agencies, we bridge the gap by communicating the best available diagnostic science to the many agencies, while also communicating the voiced needs of our community and cultural advisors.

akoakoa community workshop
Ground Breaking Partnership

Collaborative State Restoration Activities

Working hand in hand with the State’s Division of Aquatic Resources, we are informing coral reef restoration processes with our scientific and operational assets to support site prioritization, monitoring, and upkeep, as well as executing on state restoration plans.

Threat Mitigation

Agencies rely on our data analysis for land-based threat mitigation interventions. We also communicate challenges voiced by the community.

Site Prioritization

Our high-quality data and support teams in the field influence the State’s identification of priority sites for targeted restoration.

Site Monitoring

With our fleet of vessels, dive teams, and network of community supports, we aid in monitoring conservation and enforcement measures.

Site Restoration

We work with multiple agencies to outplant restored corals and also to inform land reformation efforts that will benefit the reef.

ʻĀkoʻakoʻa government action
Science Guiding Change

Data-Informed Policy

Nearly every policy implemented on the island will affect the natural environment in some way, directly or indirectly. Pulling from our bank of innovative datasets from land, air and sea, we support government policymaking processes and, when necessary, advocate for regulatory change.