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Introducing New Vocational Training Program for Coral Reef Restoration Technicians

March 21, 2024

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Introducing New Vocational Training Program for Developing Local Workforce of Coral Reef Restoration Technicians

New Program Targeting Local Applicants for Vocational Training on Reef Restoration

With massive new infrastructure for restoring corals at large scales comes a need for hiring! With the launch of the ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Reef Restoration Program, and with partner organizations on Hawaiʻi Island facilitating coral reef restoration of their own, the need for technicians to support the cultivating of corals is growing by the day. Rather than recruiting technicians from other restoration-heavy locations around the world, ʻĀkoʻakoʻa is launching a vocational training program, informed by the recruiting needs of coral reef restoration employers on Hawaiʻi Island and the other Hawaiian Islands, to train local restoration technicians to fill this gap.

Starting in Summer 2024, a cohort of program participants will be trained in areas such as identification of Hawaiian coral and fish species, land-based coral nursery operations and data collection, vessel safety and operations, and much more. While the program does not guarantee a job offer after completion of the program, it will train participants in many of the core skills required by reef restoration employers on the island, and will offer opportunities to meet potential employers during the course.

Interested candidates are encouraged to learn more about the program offerings and reach out to KaterHiney@asu.edu for more information about the application process.